D-I-Y Landlords Beware

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In the world of media and television shows Do-It-Yourself home repairs, maintenance and renovations is a hot issue of the times. Many home owners are choosing to undertake this style work themselves instead of engaging professionals. However, the reality in the world of managing investment properties is a completely different scenario.

When owning an investment property, landlords and managing agents have a duty of care to the tenant to ensure that all repairs, maintenance and renovations are undertaken by a professional, licensed and insured tradesperson.
There have been many documented legal cases over the years of landlords attending to their own repairs and maintenance, which has resulted in fatal injuries to the tenant.

One that was heart-breaking involved an uninsured person who attended a rental property to rewire the stove. The wires were crossed causing the entire house’s electrical wiring system to become live.
Sadly, a young child turned on an outside tap following the work and was electrocuted causing serious brain damage.

As your managing agent it is important for all landlords to be aware that we are not only bound by our duty of care to tenants to mitigate potential risk, but we also have to comply with legislative requirements and our professional indemnity insurance provisions to ensure that only licensed and insured tradespeople attend to works at a rental property.

We do appreciate that it is your investment property, however, as your managing agent we cannot allow landlords, friends or relatives who do not hold the necessary qualifications or documentation to conduct work on the property for the benefit of all parties involved.

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