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Prior to our office contacting you that your Tenants tenancy agreement is due for review & renewal you can be assured that we will complete an inspection of the property. These inspections are completed in line with the tenancy renewal to ensure that tenancies are being offered to tenants that are looking after your property. After the inspection is completed if we have concerns with the tenancy we will phone you to discuss the matter. Our Rental Team meets to discu

ss the rental market & together we complete the rent reviews. Two months before the expiry of the tenancy you will receive a letter from our office advising you of the current market rental value for your property, if you wish to make a change to our suggestion you are required to confirm your instructions in writing. One month before the tenancy is due to expire your Tenants are issued with a new tenancy agreement.

If you Tenants choose to vacate the property we will advise you as soon as we have received written notice. If your Tenants refuse to return the tenancy agreement we will issue your tenants with an RTA form 12 “Notice to Leave” giving your tenants 2 weeks to return the tenancy agreement or to vacate, our office will monitor this closely & contact you to advise.

To ensure that you are complying with Fire and Rescue Services Act laws we will engage our Electricians to complete the required Smoke Alarm maintenance. After the tenancy renewal has been finalised we will forward a copy of the agreement to you with your end of month statement.

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