Is Your Property Ready For Summer?

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Prevention is much better than cure, and it is therefore important to assess any potential or existing issues at the property before they escalate. In determining if your property is ready for winter you should take into consideration the following:

Gutters – One of the most common household maintenance issues is clogged gutters, which can cause leaking and water damage. Landlords should ensure that gutters are free from leaves, twigs and other debris.
Fences – Fences should be well maintained and secure. Check that footings are stable and fence panels or brush fences are in order. Landlords should check with other property owners if shared or boundary fences are in need of repair as there may be a joint responsibility.
Roofing and eaves – Check for cracked or loose roof panels and tiles as these can cause leaking and water damage. Look for rotting or water damaged eaves which can lead to salt damp and mould on interior and exterior walls.
Tiles and pavers – Cracked tiles and floor pavers should be replaced and repaired as they may pose a legal liability risk if a tenant trips and injures themselves.
Trees and shrubs – Prune loose or dead branches and check if there are any branches that have a dangerous overhang.

At routine inspections you can be assured that we will comment on any obvious signs of deterioration, however it is important to note that during these inspections, we cannot access all areas of the property (ie. roof), therefore it is recommended that you regularly employ the services of a building inspector to give you professional building advice as to any potential issues.

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