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Failure to maintain a rental property can have serious consequences if a tenant is injured The Residential Tenancies & Room Act clearly states that the landlord must maintain the property in ‘good’ repair, in a state that is fit to live in and in a state that complies with health and safety codes, local government bylaws and supply authority regulations. These tenancy laws have been written to protect individuals from injury and poor living standards.

As a managing agent it is our duty of care to ensure that the property is in good repair and safe for the tenant. If a member of our property management team recommends improvements, maintenance or repairs at your property, it is to protect your investment.

Following are examples of high risk repair areas that could lead to tenant injury: * Steps and railings that are not secure or have white ant activity or dry rot * Electrical points and wiring that are loose, frayed or not working * Floor coverings that have tears, loose threads or ripples * Broken or insufficient external lighting * Faulty electrical appliances * Uneven or loose pavers * Roof leaks * Windows or doors with faulty locks Broken smoke alarms * Faulty pool gate locks or fencing

Our office carries out regular routine inspections to ensure that the property is kept in a safe, well- maintaine condition. If a member of our team reports repairs, maintenance or improvements it is important that you work with us to ensure that it is rectified in a timely manner. A well-maintained property will maximise the rent achievable, attract a quality tenant, reduce vacancy periods and improve the long-term capital asset value of the property.

Our office highly recommends that you organise the following inspections to ensure that your property is safe: Building inspection, Pest inspection, Electrical inspection, Pool inspection

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