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When the economy tightens it financially impacts everyone; businesses, employees, young singles, families and the elderly. It can also affect property investors. We have a very thorough tenant selection process that includes reference checking and a financial analysis of their income percentage to rent. However, what if they lose their employment, have a serious illness in the family or become overcommitted in bills generally. These are circumstances that are out of anyone’s control. So if the tenant’s financial circumstances change and they cannot afford to pay rent… who will pay, so you can meet your mortgage commitments? Landlord protection insurance will.*
When was the last time you reviewed your insurance polices on your investment?

In the recent years our office has seen an increase in the need for property owners to claim on their landlord protection insurance, regrettably some of these claims were for tenants that passed away, some in the property. Each of these claims would of cost the property owners thousands of $$$$$$$. Thankfully they had our recommended landlord insurance “Terri Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance” policy which saved the day!

We can not stress to you how critical it is to ensure that you have the right insurance in case you too one day need to make a claim.
For a minimal investment that is tax deductible you cannot afford not to have this insurance. We welcome you to contact our office to find out more.
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