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With Christmas, present buying, holidays and celebrations behind us, many home
owners and investors are now faced with ‘The Bill – or credit card debit’ to manage in conjunction with mortgage
payments. Many will agree that the last 12 months has been very challenging with regards to the economy, job
security and property investment in general.

Our property management team is aware and understands the pressures that such an economy can place on property investors and tenants, and it is our priority to place a high importance on ensuring that rents are paid on time, that we obtain competitive maintenance quotes and that we carefully manage preventative maintenance and
renovation costs to assist in alleviating your financial pressures.

As a value-add to our property investors, we have taken the time to research the Top Money Saving Tips for this
months newsletter. Make it your 2011 New Year’s resolution to action our ‘To-do’ list ü Money Saving To-Do Tips
Number 1# Tip is to not avoid financial pressures
Establish a budget outlining your income and expenses
Establish a property maintenance plan and budget to cover the unexpected need of a new hot water system,
oven or stove, and don’t forget to allow for renovations and improvements, such as carpet replacement, painting and
new curtains, etc. Make sure you put a little extra away each month for these costs
Review your home loans
Can you get a better rate elsewhere? Is it time to fix your rate? Do you want to split the mortgage to fixed & variable?
Can you align your repayments with your pay day or income cycle to minimise interest?
Pay your wage/s into your home loan to reduce your monthly interest
Establish a line of credit or redraw facility on your home loan. Transferring your credit card debt to your home
loan can greatly reduce credit card interest charges
Review your car insurance
Review your house insurance
Review your phone, mobile, and Internet phone plans
By reviewing your insurance policies and ensuring you are on the best plans can save yourself $1000s.
Before making any financial decisions about the management of your finances, we strongly recommend that you
consult your accountant, financial manager or bank manager to determine the most effective way to save money for
your situation.

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