Not All Smoke Alarms Are The Same

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Smoke Alarm Solutions have recently provided information regarding the recommendations and differences between Ionisation and Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.

At North Shore Realty protecting your investment and the safety of your tenants are paramount we therefore recommend you read the below information and if you have any concerns or are wishing to change your smoke alarms please contact your property manager.

There are two types of smoke alarms—Photoelectric (also known as optical) and Ionisation. The alarms work in different ways to detect smoke. Both types are capable of meeting the Australian Standard AS3786 and both types of alarms can be legally purchased and used in Australia.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are highly recommended by all Australian fire services because of their better smoke detection qualities.

Recommendations from Fire Authorities include:

QLD Fire & Rescue Service “Photoelectric smoke alarms are generally more effective than ionisation types across a wider range of fires experienced in homes. For this reason, QFRS recommends that photoelectric smoke alarms be installed, especially if you are installing only one alarm.”

Fire & Rescue NSW “ To maximise the opportunity for early warning in all fire scenarios, the FRNSW recommends the installation of photoelectric alarms, hard wired and interconnected, in all residential accommodation. If only installing one alarm, it should be a photoelectric alarm.”

The Northern Territory Fire Service Has legislated that only photoelectric smoke alarms can be installed.



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