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Q      I’ve heard from my neighbour that new regulations say we can’t have “No pets” by-laws. Can you tell me what the regulations say?

A     There are no new regulations about “no pets” by-laws. What your neighbour may have been referring to are recent decisions made by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). A number of appeals to the QCAT have resulted in the tribunal overturning by-laws which had a blanket ban on cats and dogs or by-laws which are seen to be too restrictive.

Subsequent to these decisions, adjudicators from this office have determined that by-laws with arbitrary restrictions on the number of pets or that impose blanket bans are unreasonable and have ordered that the by-laws be either removed or changed.

Adjudicator’s consider that it is reasonable to require pet owners to obtain committee approval to keep a pet and for the body corporate to apply reasonable conditions on the keeping of pets.

Naturally, if any pet does cause a nuisance to other occupiers then the committee can
seek to have it removed from the scheme.

There are regular changes and updates to decisions and various regulations and
if you have any questions or are interested in more information about how these
changes may affect your Body Corporate please contact Cathy Blanchard

07 5448 8725 or

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