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See you later 2010 and Happy 2011 to everyone. Let’s hope for a year of less surprises than last year and a little bit of prosperity would also be nice. The weather was obviously the big talking point to finish off the end of the year. The saying that big droughts always finish with big floods is a hard one to argue against right now. Our one in one hundred year drought to kick off the new millennium has now well and truly broken with these December rains of not quite biblical proportions. At last count, rainfall for December on the Sunshine Coast had topped 600 mm, which is nearly 5 times our average. Compared to other regions in the state we have held up pretty well so far (touch wood) however no one is getting too carried away.

After all it is only one month in to summer and our wet season usually runs through to March. The dams are overflowing and the ground is soaked so any follow up rains can still cause chaos. Let’s hope that the sun comes out soon. We are definitely due for a break. This years Australian PGA at the Hyatt was another big success for the tournament and Coolum. We actually managed to get the first 3 days of the tournament played in sunshine before the heavens opened on the final day and the last of the players had to finish off their rounds on the Monday. Great to see Peter Senior tough it out and show the young blokes how to handle a little bit of adverse conditions. Next years tournament has every chance of being the biggest ever with the recent announcement that the PGA will be played the week after the Presidents Cup in Melbourne.

That means that the best of the US and rest of the worlds golfers will be in Australia already and tournament organisers will be working overtime to make sure that many of the leading players hang around for the extra week to make the most of the end of year, family holiday like atmosphere that the Coolum tournament provides. Next years tournament will be held November 23-27 so if you are keen on your golf it might be worth booking in early. Sad, but it is now official that the Coolum Kite Festival won’t be getting another run. After exploring all options, the caretaker committee wasunable to come up with a suitable option to spread the workload needed to run such a big event. Maybe it was a victim of it’s own success but the long serving committee members can be very proud of the success that the Kite Festival did have and the benefits it brought to the town.

The Horton Park Golf Club/Twin Waters Golf club debate still continues with the option to purchase Twin Waters still on the table until March. Members voted against the proposal in November (by 3 votes) however it is likely another vote will be held before then. Other options being considered include buying the Pelican Waters Golf Course or using the extra funds from the Councils $39,000,000 offer to build a new course at the back of Kunda Park and provide temporary memberships at Twin Waters an Pelican Waters whilst this happens. This debate still could go anywhere. Just to add fuel to the fire though, council has indicated that it will now allow consideration for one 18-20 storey building to be built on the site.

This was one of the reasons that the previous deal with Lend Lease did not proceed. The covers have started to come off the new unit development called BREEZE at the Boardwalk. This project has been underway for seemingly quite a while but settlements are expected to take place towards the end of March. At last count nearly 70 of the 90 units had been sold. The Coolum Touch Fields Fiasco continued this month with council rejecting the proposal that they initiated almost a decade ago. The end result will be a new bridge to access the fields at a cost of $800,000 which will mean the loss of one of the existing fields. You can be pretty sure that Sundale Retirement Village will be taking this to court.

The earthmoving machines moved on site behind the Birtwill Street shops the day of the court decision was handed down in favour of Coles. It is hard to see this not being the site of a new Coles supermarket now. Just a reminder to finish the school holidays with MARCOOLA ROCKS being put on by the Marcoola Surf Club on Australia Day weekend.

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