Quick Snips April 2012

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What a difference a day makes. Good title for a song but also a very apt description of the events unfolding around the resort formerly known as the HYATT COOLUM and from this point on known as the Coolum Resort and Spa. After a month of court proceedings and threats of the resort operator running out of money to pay staff and honoring future bookings The Hyatt saw the light and decided that, yes, it was probably a good time for them to move on and let Big Clive have his resort to do what he pleases. An announcement was released on Friday along the lines that the Hyatt was proud of their 24 years in Coolum but they would now amicably move on immediately was followed by Clive’s announcement thanking the Hyatt for establishing the resort and by the way, I never meant any of those things that I said about you but see you later. All good friends again. Now that is all over and done with, don’t expect that to be the last you hear from Clive. Saturday the word was out that the Hyatt (oops) the Coolum Resort and Spa was offering the general public the chance of three days of free golf in April. The dates are the 10th/16th/20th so I would suggest that you call straight away if you want to get in on that. Then waking up on Sunday, the front page of the Sunday Mail screamed that Clive was bringing a casino to Coolum. This is part of his master plan to bring more Asian tourists to the area and his billion dollar investment in Queensland tourism. It was reported that full plans of the proposed redevelopment of the resort including the casino will be released by mid year. After what seems like a thousand years of casino rumors on the Sunshine Coast I would not be betting against Big Clive getting this done. I have very little doubt that it won’t matter at all what local reactions will be and that this will be life changing for the Coolum and North Shore region, let alone the wider Sunshine Coast community. The simple fact that the Big Fella just bankrolled the biggest landslide in Australian political history just one week ago will make it nearly impossible for this to be shot down. I am not expressing any opinion on this being good or bad but it might not be a bad idea to start taking photos of what we used to look like.
Ok, the Kevin & Julia showdown has been run, the State election has finished and now we only have the local Council election to get through. These guys just don’t get how much of an intrusion in to all of our lives this
has been. Bring on APRIL 28 so we can all get some rest in peace. Unfortunately I don’t see this as being the end of the matter. Apart from everything else, we are about to go through our own de-amalgamation shuffle. God bless Noosa but to think that anyone with any degree of common sense or fiscal responsibility would think it was worth wasting the expenditure, efforts and progress made through the last four years to pander to a small group of Hastings Street businesses is mind boggling. If I had a roll of $50 notes I would go out on David Low Way and start burning them now to save wasting time.
Last months sinkhole in the David Low Way near the Coolum sports fields is nearly repaired. It has been slow going and the weather hasn’t exactly helped but it might be good practice for the council engineers. Another sink hole that didn’t cause as much of a traffic issue also opened up in the park in Andrew St at Point Arkwright and it is still a work in progress. We have had a really good test of our drainage systems across the North Shore villages during the month. A very slow moving torrential rain system moved from Coolum to Caloundra on the 22nd. In one hour we had 150 mm of rain fall. Streets and parks filled to the brim but not too much house inundation damage was reported particularly in areas that have been developed since 1992 flood levels were used as our development guide. It was a very good test of the mitigation plans that were put in place in the early 1990’s and the water receded very quickly once the rainfall passed. Anyone with an underground car park was not so lucky but thankfully we do not have too many of those in the area.
The deluge on the 22nd did cause the cancellation of the Coolum and North Shore Community Forum. This has now been moved to Wednesday April 18 and will still be held at the new North Shore Community Centre at Pacific Paradise.
Easter is now upon us and the forecast is looking pretty good. Lets hope that we get a clear run of weather and some late bookings to finish off a pretty good holiday season. See you next month.

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