Quick Snips April 2013

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Hopefully everyone ignored the weather bureau Easter forecast and managed to make the most of what turned out to be a cracker of a four day weekend. Any rain around here was pretty much restricted to the evenings apart from a few showers on the Saturday morning. Water temperatures are still very mild and combined with a nice run of surf over the four days, conditions were perfect for most people. Despite a shortage of beach particularly on the big high tides and also some strong and tricky rips with a lot of sand moving around in the ocean it was just about as good as we were ever going to get. The surf lifesavers deserve special credit for managing to keep the beaches open and safe for everyone. At Marcoola for example, the patrolled beach had to be moved well away from the surf club where it is usually set up because there was just no beach at all around the high tides and it was impossible to have the rescue gear and craft on the beach in that area. All beaches have copped a pounding over the last two months and we are only just beginning to see the sand start moving back towards the beach in the week before Easter. There is still a lot of coffee rock exposed all along the coast and conditions in the water will remain tricky for quite a while yet. We still have at least another couple of weeks of school holidays to go so lets hope things keep improving.

I don’t know if I should really be commenting on this next item particularly as it was reported in the Sunshine Coast Daily on the first day of April. Big Clive has announced that due to the unparalleled popularity of mini golf as a sport particularly in his favoured Asian regions that he will now be replacing nine holes of the existing golf course with the worlds largest mini golf course. The balance area of the resort golf course will become a botanical garden. Now I didn’t see that coming but even more interesting is that the mini golf course will have a Flintstones theme with his dinosaurs featuring on every hole. The sport is so big in Asia that he will now be able to bring a major mini golf tournament to Coolum to replace the PGA and there is a particularly skillful and popular young Japanese mini golfer that he will be targeting to attend but he just can’t recall his name at the moment. Now it all makes sense. Lets hope that this proves the big fella has a sense of humour and this goes down as a classic April Fools day story. Most people that I have discussed this with today think it is a 50/50 call which way this one goes.

Well the people of Noosa voted overwhelmingly in favour of deamalgamation although I can’t recall one good reason that was put up for it to happen apart from they are different up there and they never asked to be amalgamated in the first place. Now we all get to waste the next 12 to 24 to 36 months sorting through the tearing apart of everything that had been created and established over the last 4 years and in the process burning a pile of money that could well have been used to achieve something or anything as opposed to the nothing that will now be achieved. All future planned projects for both councils are now up in the air and unfunded whilst this all gets sorted out. There are consequences throughout every department and every region. The hypocrisy of the main protagonists came out straight after the election when State MP Glen Elmes and Noosa Mayoral candidate Noel Playford called for common sense in tearing down various functions and tasks that crossed shire borders. That they never even approached this topic at any stage of their very one sided debate does not appear to be relevant now that the reality of setting everything up again is thrust on everyone. The whole reason for amalgamation in the first place was to reduce the duplication of these many tasks and functions in closely related shires. Now they would like to retain the bits that work well for them and the rest of the Coast can carry the one’s that don’t suit Noosa. There is one pretty amusing side line coming out of this shemozzle. Current councilor for the Noosa area Russell Green was the first to put his hand up to stand to be the new Mayor for Noosa. Russell has been a long serving councilor for Noosa and was instrumental in Noosa receiving a substantial infrastructure benefit in the early stage of the amalgamated council as the rest of the council tried to appease the Noosa protests. However now the calls are coming out for the Noosa public to not have anything to do with anyone that stood for Noosa during the existence of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. I assume that this applies to Russell, Tony Wellington, even Bob Abbott who has been toying with the idea of putting his hand up to be part of the new council. Noel Playford has now put his hand up to also run for Noosa mayor. Given that Playford has been one of the main Noosa cheerleaders and Sunshine Coast council antagonist I expect that he would beat Russell in any vote. This would leave Russell out of any involvement with the new council as he cannot run for mayor and councilor at the same time. This all just goes to prove two things. First is that this is all just an expensive game to many of these people and the consequences even for committed supporters are irrelevant and secondly that there are still a lot of people in Noosa that will never be happy. This whole process has done nothing but divide large sections of different communities across the Coast for very little benefit except for one particular self serving politician that has nothing else to offer the wider community. At least this saga will provide a never ending supply of items to update in the monthly newsletters.
On a positive note, the Sunshine Coast Council has just approved a major expansion for Sunshine Plaza that will see it’s total area increased by nearly 30% and will feature a new DAVID JONES store as one of the headline tenancies. This will likely take a few years before it is completed and will undoubtedly make the Plaza the centerpiece of the new Maroochydore CBD once the redevelopment of Horton Park golf course gets underway.
That’s it for this month. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays if you have the opportunity.

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