Quick Snips Febuary 2012

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Well I think that the Coast just got the best Christmas present that it could possibly have asked for. Sitting here and looking back through the last two months I doubt very much that the planets could have aligned any better. Up until the last wet week in January we had a near perfect run of weather for relaxing and enjoying not just our beaches but the shops, cafes, restaurants and anyone else that was available to service the public. I had a comment today from one accommodation provider that the summer holiday period has gone close to matching 2007. That is nearly five years ago and we have definitely been on a downward trend in that time that ended in the huge hole financially that was 2011. To say that the place was buzzing is almost an understatement and to many people (particularly business operators) the relief was evident in their smiles and bank accounts that the visitors and residents have finally had an opportunity to relax and enjoy everything that we can offer. Even better was the first signs of extended bookings and then return bookings for holidays again before Easter. To say that the place feels good again is an understatement. Fingers crossed but we should all do everything we can to carry this feeling right through 2012. It’s already so much better than that last one.

The only thing that could mess things up now is if someone said you had to have two elections in the next three months. Bugger!. Yep we have the joy of 2 months of a state election towards the end of March and the Council elections at the end of April. I am not going to say any more about this because, like picking the wings off March Flies, it is just a cruel thing that we have been subjected to. Lets just get it over with and hope that the world is still here when they are finished with us.

There have been many highlights over the holidays but for me there are a couple of standouts. We had a pretty big surf happen right on Christmas and for those that follow surfing we had one day with local legend Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning out in huge waves in front of Point Perry at Coolum. I would pay the price of admission to watch those two surf anywhere in a heartbeat but to have it happen here is fantastic. Two days without getting off the couch whilst watching the Boxing Day Test came a close second. Third was Australia Day at Marcoola Surf Club. Unfortunately a lot of hard work and effort had to be shelved because of the weather particularly at Coolum, but the gods did shine on Marcoola for the second year in a row. The club has a unique outdoor venue with a band stage set up on the sand dunes aiming back at the club house and a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It is a fantastic outdoor day for all ages and attracted a great crowd again this year. Fingers crossed for everyone that puts in the work for next year. The only low for the holiday period did come as a result of the rain in the last week. Apparently someone in the office managed to attract eight legal male mud crabs into his pots in the Maroochy River but couldn’t find it in his heart to share. Everyone called Keith shall remain nameless but I can let you know where he puts his pots if you give me a call.
There hasn’t been too much else going on because of the Christmas break but there has been an application to expand and upgrade the United petrol station on Coolum Esplanade. This will increase the size of the station to 8 bowsers and include a carwash and fast food shop. Operating hours will remain limited to the existing 7am to 10 pm.

I had better give a plug to our sales team. After a very tough year we tried to be proactive and offer something a little bit different to our sellers. In October and December we had our 1st two In Rooms Auctions which were held at Surfair. So far 16 out of the 24 properties that have been auctioned are now sold. These are exceptional results in this market. All I will say is that if you are thinking of buying or selling then you should be talking to us now.

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