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Well here we are the few of us working the days between Xmas and New Year. Jay who normally writes a very informative account of activities is having a well deserved break so it is my turn to share the activities in the area.
I thought I might share what Xmas is like for some of us on the coast and then consider what might be in store for the Real Estate Market into 2012. Bear in mind my insight into 2012 comes with absolutely no qualifications to predict anything, just a little experience over the past 17 years selling Real Estate.

The holiday break sees us with an air of excitement around with people filling the footpaths and shops over the last few days and holiday accommodation houses having solid bookings. The coast is busy and it’s great to see because we sure needed a good summer. The sun is shining and the poor weather predictions for this period look like just another poor prediction by the bureau. Thankfully we woke after extensive rain overnight and for the days prior to a windy but sunny day on Xmas Day. The local park was a great place to spend the morning trying out the new skate boards and scooters. It wasn’t just my kids complaining that dad wouldn’t give up the new long board skateboard that they had waited patiently for the past 3 months. Hey Dad get your own!!! A day playing with the kids. Home after for a swim in the pool before it’s time to prepare for the long awaited Xmas lunch. The windy weather and stormy conditions saw huge swell roll through with the king tides to the delight of the surfers but sadly kept people off the beaches with most of all the beaches closed for swimming on Xmas Day and Boxing Day. Shop traders I am sure were very happy with beach conditions as shopping and dining across the coast have enjoyed the happy holiday makers. A well needed boost after a tricky economic year. I didn’t risk a trip to Sunshine Plaza for the Boxing Day sales but I did get out. With a big swell I thought a great idea would be take the visiting Scottish family and tourists to Noosa, after all they had flown half way around the world. Yes my annual trip to Noosa with visitors.
Thankfully I went with the right attitude knowing it would take half an hour to find a park in the National Park. A leisurely walk single file amongst the many others across to Tea Tree Bay and onto Hells Gates was a great way to spend the afternoon and work off the long lunch of the day before..

Surfing was certainly not for the inexperienced or light hearted with sets of 8 feet waves coming around the corner of the Boiling Pot. It was certainly entertaining watching the surfers try to miss each other, not get wiped out and end up on the rocks to be pounded by the next wave coming through. I didn’t even let the 20 minute wait in the gridlock getting out of Noosa spoil our afternoon. The view up the coast and onto main beach kept everyone happy. The visitors reminded me how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful place.

Yes lucky to be here and back to work the next day. So what is in store for the New Year in property. We are all looking forward to seeing an improvement in the Market place in the New Year but if it is hard to predict the weather it certainly is harder to judge the sentiment of buyer in this changing market. The big plus for the coast is the plan to have the mining sector fly into the Sunshine Coast for their workers. At present the workers travel to Brisbane then catch a flight thus nearly losing a whole day of their time each way.

Further positive news is it does feel like we can sell properties again as opposed to the middle of the year when even giving them away didn’t seem to be working. We have over the past year come to understand even after 17 years of experience we can’t accurately access potential sale prices for sellers. We have developed a plan to achieve sales for our owners and if you’re thinking of selling contact us to find out more. Traditionally January and February are very strong months for sales in our area and with the number of people roaming the streets at present I am feeling positive about sales in these months. It will be interesting to see what Jay has to report in next month’s Newsletter.
Looking forward to a great 2012.
Keith Blanchard

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