Quick Snips July 2013

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Well June has thrown up it’s own mixed bag of weather to say the least. Two long weekends where one was miserable and one sensational. Two weeks of school holidays with the first week magnificent and the second week looking cyclonic. You just have to make sure that you make the most of the time when it is good because those days have been fantastic particularly if you enjoy getting down to the beach.
The beaches are still suffering from the effects of the last couple of king tides with some of the dunal erosion particularly severe. There are quite a few trees and fence lines that have now given way. The coffee rock has mostly been covered up and the sand hasn’t gone too far. Low tide provides a huge expanse of beach and the movement of sand is providing some exceptional new sand banks for surfers to enjoy. We should now have a few months of calmer sees and natural sand replenishment to look forward to.
This time of year is generally a little quieter after a couple of months of consistent wet weather and the seasonal cooling down heading in to winter. As we head past the middle of 2013 and the end of the financial year it seems that we have been hit with a difficult run of business closures which unfortunately is a reflection of the difficult economy we have all been dealing with for a few years now. The most surprising was the Coolum Newsagency in Birtwill Street citing competition from the supermarkets, high rents and dwindling sales or relevance in the face of growing internet competition. I know that change is inevitable but something does not feel right about a village without a local newsagent. The loss of the Mount Coolum newsagency last year may have been a sign that bigger changes were to come but I don’t think anyone really saw this one coming. Then in a two week period we then had news that the long established Foodworks and Coolum Building and Hardware both located in Coolum Yandina Rd centre near Coolum primary school were both closing as well as Marcoola’s surf shop and the Bank Of Queensland at Pacific Paradise. A little too much in a very short time for anyone’s liking. We have already commented on the number of empty shops around any number of precincts across the Coast. At some stage someone is going to wake up and realise that they are better off having a good profitable business paying them a little less rent than having no tenant at all. This has not happened yet but I get the feeling that it won’t be too far off. It also highlights the debate about whether having major retailers in small villages is really such a good thing in the overall scheme of things.
Scatterred in amongst the thousand or so Clive for King posters strapped on to the Palmerville fence have been a couple of application notices for a Material Change of Use. This application is for the construction of his motor museum in the area where the practice chipping greens were located. In other good news there is also a new 20 meter Crocodile about to have it’s head attached to the rest of it’s body located near the Village Square. Be reassured that the application for the new hotel and world’s biggest mini golf course is still being worked on. The King has been coming in for some unwanted attention on his businesses performances and overall financial position in the media most notable the Australian Newspaper this month. So far he has an election campaign to fund covering the whole country, an empty resort with over 200 staff to run and with 150 dinosaurs still to build, a TITANIC to build, a nickel refinery that the most financial company in Australia couldn’t afford to deal with and a fight with his Chinese partners over his principal cash flow source. I can’t see what all of the fuss is about. Nothing newsworthy here.
Some good scores for Coolum in this years Council Budget. The Sports Centre received $350,000 for improvements, the Caravan Park received $100,000 for some reconfiguring and associated work and the Civic Centre received $200,000.
The first of the direct flights to the Sunshine Coast from New Zealand commenced again this month. After the success last year, the schedule of two flights per week has been extended through to October this year.
Our next In Rooms auction is scheduled for August 15th.

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