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There is a competition held in North Queensland each year where the towns of Tully, Innisfail and Cairns compete over which town receives the highest amount of rainfall with the winner holding the title of Golden Gumboot. Whilst we are not quite in the same league it has definitely been a wet February with 21 days of rain recorded with a grand total of just over 400 millimeters. The dams are full , the lawn has not been mown for weeks and hopefully we are getting closer to the end of the rain. Maybe we could start up a golden thong competition around South East Queensland for rainfall totals less than a meter.
Our beaches have been left looking very sad by the end of the month. Long stretches of coffee rock have been exposed and the dunes are back to the fence lines (the ones that are still remaining anyway). You can see a lot of the missing sand sitting not too far off the low tide mark. We have 4 weeks until Easter but if the weather can calm down just a little bit we should be able to see enough sand return to make it more appealing for locals and visitors.
The big ticket event in March (If you live north of Coolum) is the vote to deamalgamate Noosa from the rest of the Sunshine Coast on March 9. I don’t think there is any doubt that the vote will go through but I also doubt that it will actually achieve anything worthwhile for either region of the coast. The whole exercise leaves a bad taste in the mouth and the arguments and attitudes of the principal proponents have been divisive and detrimental to the unity of the Sunshine Coast. Anyone that dares to present any argument to remain amalgamated is publicly shamed. The facts are that amalgamation was forced on all previous shires and great expense and time has been devoted to managing the process. We are about to go through another expensive and timely process to undo everything that has been worked hard for in the last 4 years to achieve very little. I don’t like the fact that a lot of effort has gone into achieving nothing. At the end of the day if deamalgamation is what the people of the Noosa division want then let them have it. Enough unproductive time has been wasted continually placating Hastings Street ego’s. Let’s move on and start concentrating our efforts on being productive for the majority of the coast population. We have much better & bigger issues to be working on than this.
There is quite a lot of controversy and commotion around the debate or direction of State Government health policy regarding privatisation. Particularly with respect to the new and very long awaited Kawana Hospital. My understanding of the issues are that Kawana has for many years been promised and planned to be a University Hospital Precinct. Health education and many areas of health service provision are very difficult to be provided in a business model based on privatisation . That is that they are not performed with achieving a profit as their principal focus. An independent committee has been established to look into the issues and opportunities that changing course to a privatised model will incur. Given the recent public pronouncements by the state government regarding privatised health as their preferred mode of operation I am confident that this independent committee has already been given the answers that they need to come up with and they just need to figure out the right questions to ask. I am sure that someone will be able to come up with the questions as well if they ask nicely.
The appeal by Stocklands against the Councils refusal to approve the Twin Waters West development was heard in court last week. In what was apparently a David and Goliath battle. The councils whole legal team was in court yet they were dwarfed by the developers legal representation. There seems to be very little confidence in which way the courts will determine on this one. We will just have to wait a little bit longer I guess.
The redevelopment of the Coolum hotel is back with council after amendments were made by the developers based on the community consultation. I understand that the new proposal has been recommended by council staff but that does not necessarily guarantee approval. It would be nice to see something finally proceeding here. The existing pub is not getting any younger and isn’t getting any money spent on it whilst this is getting sorted out. A new venue would just about complete the renewal of Coolum’s commercial strip.
The new residential estate at Bli Bli called Cutters Ridge has had titles to the first stage released this week. 20 out of the first 32 lots have been sold. The estate is well positioned only minutes from Mudjimba and Maroochydore and offers good sized affordable blocks of residential land. Prices start from $245,000 and there are a small number of duplex approved blocks from $295,000.
Well it is really official now with the PGA announcing this week that they will be moving to Royal Pines on the Gold Coast. It is a big loss for the area but there is no doubt we will bounce back. There are some rumors that the PGA has not totally ruled out a return to Coolum but there would have to be some big changes before that happens. Once Clive reveals his true plans for the resort this will all make sense. There has to be some plan because reports that occupancies have fallen below 1% (that’s right one percent) really do make you feel sick in the stomach. The resort has now gone from employing over 600 people to current levels of 250. That still seems a lot when no one is going there. I really do hope that the big bloke does have plenty of money and does have a plan. Something more than dinosaurs and a big boat would be nice.
As mentioned we will be enjoying Easter break before much longer. After such a great Christmas it will be good to get another solid holiday period under our belt. Our next Auction Event is booked in for April 11. If you are around it is definitely worth coming along even if just to see what is going on in the local property market. Who knows? You might see something you like. See you next month.

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