Quick Snips – March 2011

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The 28th February marks the last day of this summer. We all know that this has been a wet one but the final rainfall total was just under 1.8 metres of rain. In old language that is the best part of 60 inches or 5 feet of rain in 3 months. On the bright side we should have plenty of water reserves for many years into the future unless someone decides that now would be a good time to start emptying the dams as we head into our drier part of the cycle??? Yes there is no end to the very frustrating (if you are a resident anywhere in SEQ) water debate unless you are the state government that caused many of the issues that we are now starting to be confronted with.

It must feel great to be able to be the cause of such a monumental mess and then be able to just pass the blame for the problem on to someone else just by restructuring. Of course as soon as the rain started to slow down and the sun came out again it was time for everyone to head back to school and work. February is always pretty quiet around the Coast at this time and after the Christmas that we have all been through there are some very good accommodation and restaurant deals being offered to lure people back out.

I can guarantee that the water temperature at the beach is still tropical however in the last week the first signs of cooling down have started so don’t leave it too long to catch up on the holiday that you might have missed over this summer. Before you know it Easter will be here and we will be digging out our wetsuits and Ugg boots just to get out our front door. We mentioned a little while ago about a court action initiated by council against a property owner that had decided to holiday let their house.

The issue was about whether the owner was required to apply for a material change of use to holiday let the property. This would obviously have ramifications not just for our owners that let their properties through Coolum Holidays but similar properties across the Coast. Thankfully the decision has been made in favour of the property owners. Speaking of Council, it has just become council policy to introduce paid parking in high use areas. Hard to see this being a winner.

There is also another local council issue brewing with dogs on the North Shores Beaches. Council has been accused of heavy handed policing of the dogs on leash requirements on local beaches especially their zero tolerance approach to local residents. It has been suggested that the councils lifeguard tower at The Boardwalk was left unmanned for budgetary reasons on Australia Day when a major incident occurred on the beach however over the same weekend their were four council dog inspectors patrolling the beaches.

If that is the case then it would appear that budget priorities should be reviewed. A conciliatory suggestion has been offered for consideration whereby owners can exercise their dogs along the beaches from 5pm to 7am the next morning which is outside the times that the beaches are more heavily used. CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA DAY is next Saturday March 5th. There will be voluntary manned stations across the North Shore for everyone to get in and help clean up our areas after summer.

It might not be so bad this year as everything should have just about washed away by now, probably not though. There always seems to be something to pick up. Tickle Park in Coolum is in for a facelift this month. Council has over $1,000,000 to spend on a new toilet block, new paths to the beach from the pedestrian traffic lights and new landscaping. There will be some fencing off around the areas being worked on but everything should be ready for Easter.

I hope that they are really good toilets that we are getting for $1,000,000. Mount Coolum’s walking tracks have reopened . A closure of nearly 6 weeks was needed after all of the recent rain to make sure that the hill was stable enough for mountain walkers to return safely. Roadworks along Mudjimba Esplanade have nearly been completed. The road has been widened at the northern end of the Esplanade to allow for sale 2 way traffic and allow for a bicycle lane to be included to the river mouth.

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