Quick Snips March 2012

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I guess February could be summarised as The Good, The Bad , The Ugly and The Strange.
To start with the Good we had an awesome weekend with The Nutri Grain Iron Man Series coming to Coolum. I don’t think I can remember conditions being better for any major surf event at Coolum and the crowds turned out in the thousands to watch from any vantage point they could scramble to. For those that did not manage to see the action live or on television Ky Hurst won the Men’s Event and Candice Falzon won the women’s. If a picture tells a thousand words then the TV coverage of Coolum on this weekend will be talked about for a long time coming. There is already talk about the possibility of running two events at Coolum next year.

Also in the good news category is the announcement that from July 1 to September 18 this year Air New Zealand will trial direct flights from Auckland to the Coast. We already have a healthy base of Kiwi visitors during the winter time but it will be interesting to see what sort of uptake there is going the other way from the Coast to NZ. Anyone know any good restaurants in Auckland?

The Bad and The Ugly definitely have two parts but I will leave it to you to figure out which one fits. First up is a toss up between having to sit through the mind numbing three layers of politics which we have been subjected to and is just not fair, or the washout of the David Low Way at Coolum just north of the soccer fields. Sorry but the hole in the road is far more interesting. The big rainfall that we had has undermined the road around some storm water pipes and a 5 meter hole now sits in the middle of the David Low Way. At the time of writing the road north out of Coolum is closed indefinitely and could very possibly take up to one month to fix.

Second up is Big Clive Palmer, The Hyatt Coolum’s friend. It seems like only a couple of months ago that Clive was seen as the Hyatt Coolum’s savior when he bought the resort from Lend Lease and promising to spend the money required to upgrade the amenities and accommodation so that the resort could once again offer a 5 star experience. Well something has happened to upset and fire up the big bloke that was enough for him to storm in and sack the Hyatt as operator of the Coolum Resort and then launched a law suit against the Hyatt claiming $60,000,000 had been misappropriated over the term of their management. The Resort General Manager was sacked immediately, poor old staff were ordered not to provide him with any food or drinks and all reference to the Hyatt including signage was removed. To say that the staff and members were perplexed by the end of that day is an understatement. Not to worry though because by the next morning The Hyatt had lodged a temporary injunction with the Supreme Court against the Big Bloke and all was back to “normal” by the next morning. This will now go back to court on March 1 so by the time you are reading this we should know a little more on where things stand. The Hyatt resort is this area’s biggest employer and this sort of turmoil is unprecedented in it’s 24 year history. I think it is very optimistic to see this being resolved amicably.

You must be wondering what could be Stranger than all of that but a new 6 episode comedy series for the ABC is being filmed in and around Coolum as we speak. Starring Barry Crocker and Toby Truslove the series plays on the idea that Mount Coolum is a hotbed of paranormal activity. It is hard to explain but apparently it reveals the truth of Coolum where men turn into chickens, mermaids fall in love with locals and cats return from their graves. We passed them filming around Point Perry a few times and when I explained to my daughter what this was about she thought it was cool but I am kind of glad that I live in Marcoola now. Oh well, any publicity is good publicity. The series is due to air on ABC2 in the middle of the year.

Finally, The Bendigo Community Bank is sponsoring a Community Forum for Coolum & The North Shore on Thursday March 22 to be held at The North Shore Community Centre. The forum is a chance to discuss and think about ideas for one off or on going projects that can improve our communities. All are welcome to attend.
That’s it for this month. Only another month or so to go before it starts getting cold again so make the most of it. It’s still very nice at the beach.

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