Quick Snips – May 2011

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Well, I think we just proved a point over the Easter long weekend. 100% occupancies across the Coast, shops & restaurants and tourist attractions reporting record crowds. Everyone has had enough of waiting and jumped at the opportunity of a fine long weekend to finally get to the Coast for some much needed R & R. It’s amazing that it has been so long since we have been able to put 4 consecutive fine days together particularly coinciding with a holiday period.

Hopefully that is the kickstart that we need to get out of the doldrums that have been overhanging us since Christmas. Whilst we have been fed a lot of negatives over the last 5 months, and there is no doubt that we have had to deal with more than our fair share of adversity, there is definitely an underlying feeling that we are all looking to get back to some level of normality in our lives and there is nothing better than a sunny long weekend at the Coast to remind us of what we have been missing out on.

After a very tough and rough start to the year, let’s hope that we have plenty more of the good times from here. I suppose that if they put it on the front page of the local paper then it must be official. Sadly, LUKE’S IGA in Coolum will close for good at the end of July after 22 years as the backbone of the township. We have said it all before but the Luke’s and their IGA supermarket have been huge contributors to the growth and development of the Coolum community on any number of levels and their departure is a huge loss that I doubt many people will understand until after they are gone.

As a small confirmation of this the article in the local paper quoted a COLES spokesman saying that the company has no responsibility to displaced staff but agreed to provide a representative to advise IGA staff on how to apply for employment with them online. I’m sorry but that sort of attitude might work in larger population centres but it is difficult to see it being embraced in Coolum. I guess that we had better start getting used to it though.

In other Coolum news, the development site on the Esplanade near McDonalds has now definitely been sold. After many false starts, this time the sale seems to be definitely over the line. We don’t have any details on the new owner or what is proposed for the site but we will let you know as soon as we do. On the subject of never ending stories, I think that the Horton Park Golf Club buying Twin Waters Golf Course is now definitely dead in the water.

Members of Horton Park Golf Club went back for a third attempted vote to try and get the numbers needed to make the purchase happen but crashed and burned for the third time last week. Their only choice now is to develop a new golf course which will take somewhere between 2 to 4 years. Although it has nothing to do with me, I think in the long run that this will be a much better result for the Coast and hopefully for our side of the Maroochy River.

The ex caneland along the river between the Sunshine Motorway and Bli Bli is considered to be one of the main possible and suitable sites for a new course. Imagine having three resort courses plus the Mount Coolum public course all in our backyard as an attraction for current and future residents and visitors. Where else would you want to live and invest on the Coast? Some very interesting flood modeling and mapping was released by Council during the month to assist in future planning for low lying coastal areas.

It is no secret that the North Shore is very low lying and has been known to flood at different times earlier in it’s development in particular. So I have got to say that is very comforting to see that when a 0.8m sea level rise is modeled that the majority of the North Shore holds up very well. In fact the main area for concern seems to be the area around the Twin Waters Resort. The 0.8m rise is the level predicted we will be at by the year 2100 above 1990 levels.

The mapping highlights the main areas of concern on the Coast are around Hastings Street Noosa Heads, Maroochydore and the Maroochy Waters canals, Alexandra Headland to Cotton Tree and the southern end of Caloundra. It is interesting but also very heartening to see the growth and strength of numbers at ANZAC DAY dawn ceremonies across the Coast and the nation. The Coolum turnout of over 6000 people is astounding and has become one of the biggest events on the Coast. The smaller community of Mudjimba also had well over 1000 people attend and display their respect. Lest we forget.

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