Quick Snips May 2013

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April surely brought out the best and the worst that the coast has to offer. Unfortunately the last week of the Queensland school holidays saw more of the miserable wet weather that had been a constant through February and March. But if you excuse that one week, the rest of the month has been a shining example of why we all like it here. Mild weather, clear skies day & night, water temperatures still well above 20 degrees and a consistent run of nice surf to keep dragging us to the beach.
ANZAC DAY fell on a Thursday this year and a lot of people took advantage of that timing to turn it into a four day weekend. Apart from the huge local turnouts at ANZAC services across the coast we were also rewarded with a stunning weekend of weather which was a great way to finish off the summer. The traffic crawl heading back to Brisbane on the Sunday afternoon was testament to a big weekend at the Coast. The status of the Bruce Highway between Brisbane and the Coast is getting some headlines again (as it always does when these peak traffic events happen) and Federal funding has been announced for some upgrading over the next 10 years. I suspect it will have little effect or provide any improvement as this traffic planning has been behind the eight ball since Jesus was a little boy. It is not hard to recall any number of times returning to Brisbane after holidays on the Coast in the 1970’s and hitting traffic backed up to the old Buderim turnoff. Forty years later and still the same thing. Not really much progress is it? Now we are in the process of planning to put 50,000 more properties at the back of Caloundra and knowing that we are likely to have 250,000 more of us here in the next 10 to 15 years with nothing more than a couple of overpasses at some exits on the drawing board. Deep sigh!
Oh well by then we can probably look at flying to Brisbane from the new Coast airport to try and avoid the road traffic. Nice thought but the odds on any upgrade of the Maroochy airport appear to get longer by the day. Everyone will still tell you straight to your face how important the airport precinct and the new east west runway is to the future of the Coast but with construction scheduled under the master plan to commence in 2015 it seems there is no one prepared to say how it is going to be paid for. Most people within Sunshine Coast Council don’t know if they have a job past this Christmas yet let alone if their departments have funding. With the current council and state government in cost cutting & containment mode and with a likely change of government at federal level committed to the same mantra there is very little chance of public funding for this project. There also appears to be little effort or planning under way to source private funding and there is little chance of this being readily available in the current financial climate. From where we sit it would appear we are hoping for the funding to magically just fall out of the sky which seems to be the most likely way funding for the airport will happen at the moment.

And then along comes Super Clive. As far fetched as it may seem, if Clive becomes king of the country in the next election as he has just announced his intention to be (oh well prime minister they call it in the other parties), it may be just enough to put some pressure out in the political arena to get some long overdue attention to the Sunshine Coast. Firstly Clive has put his hand up to be the new member for FAIRFAX which happens to have the airport and his dinosaur park and soon to be worlds greatest mini golf course and Titanic anchorage within it’s boundaries. At the very least with Clive promising to fund the airport if he becomes king, the other teams are going to have great difficulty not matching his commitment. I could not have dreamed a scenario like this 4 weeks ago and there is a lot of time between now and September. We all better tighten our seat belts because this could be a pretty wild ride coming up. This could be good for the Coast if we are the centre of attention for a while.
Talk about being centre of attention, little old Marcoola had it’s first official celebration since the new streetscaping was completed at Christmas. With bands and entertainment in the new Lexie Street park, street buskers, food tasting and displays by all of the businesses along the length of the street, over 1500 people turned out to join in the party. It was definitely great to see new life in this precinct and hopefully it bodes well for traders to step up from here and give people more reasons to stop and enjoy the new facilities. The new park also features the street art sculpture and mural that were funded by the local businesses and the community bank. It certainly makes the place brighter and a far more visually pleasing place to visit.
BUNNINGS are pushing hard for community feedback and acceptance with their application for their new store and Homemaker precinct proposed for the old Llama farm site between the motorway roundabout and Coolum Primary School. This proposal was knocked back in 2007 because of the scale of the development and the impact it would have existing local businesses. Apparently not much has changed since the last application apart from it’s ownership, but they keep persisting.
The good news is that the sand is returning to the beach pretty quickly now. There are still a lot of severely damaged dunal areas that hopefully will benefit throughout the much more favorable conditions that we experience throughout winter.
Speaking of which the first morning chills are starting to show up so it’s time to get the wetsuit and tracksuit out of the cupboard. We all know it is still a great place to be even in winter.
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