Quick Snips October 2013

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Well I guess we have all got to be very careful what we say from here on in (about Mr Palmer I mean). Who would have thought that people would actually vote for the big fella? Money might not buy you love but it sure looks like it goes a long way to buying a few senate seats and maybe one in the house of reps. It took a few days after the election before we actually managed to find anyone that admitted to voting for Clive but now that the dust has settled there is a pretty common theme coming from different people from different areas. There just wasn’t any other choice. After an untold period of rusted on conservative representation there was a very strong feeling that the Coast was on course to be taken for granted again. There was no doubt that the voters were looking for a change of government but they couldn’t bring themselves to continue support the team perceived to have done so little for the area over such a long period of incumbency. Clive was at least offering something and lots of it, if you could ever get him to sit down long enough to explain himself and before he walked out because someone asked him to actually explain himself. Never mind, he is all ours now and one thing for sure is that the country is going to get to know a lot about the seat of Fairfax over the next 3 years. It just might work in our favour as he does hold a balance of power in the senate so they won’t be able to ignore him and hope he goes away. The LNP candidate was very clear prior to the election that there would not be any money or priority for the Sunshine Coast airport expansion when they got back to running the country. I think it is fair to say that all options are back on the table now.
But really, it is hard not to squirm a little when what was once the centerpiece employment and visitor attraction in our area is about to be renamed PALMERSAURUS. Yes the very tacky yellow and black sign at the entry to the ex Hyatt will now feature the new title with a very Flintstones looking logo to back it up. The new park will be ready to go by Christmas with more than 100 dinosaurs spread throughout the grounds.
Whilst the rest of the country now gets to get on with their lives after the year long federal election, we will get to sit and watch the new council elections for Noosa’s new council which will take place on November 9. Unfortunately my bias is starting to show at what has been a futile, expensive and wasted process of council amalgamation that is now about to be pulled apart to satisfy the egos and demands of a group of business people almost solely based around Hastings Street. Good luck to the rest of the Noosa Shire if they think they are going to see any worthwhile representation once this thing sorts itself out. Their best chance of fresh, young and visionary leadership in current councilor Russell Green has decided that the vitriol driving this campaign is not worth fighting for and will not run. That leaves bitter and twisted as the next best option to lead the new Noosa council back. Good luck with that. The staff of the existing council have now all been notified as to which council they will be working for after January 1. It is still not known how many will actually have jobs. It is fair to say that the situation in both councils will be less than ideal for quite a while yet whilst the restructuring finds it way to settle in.
On a much more positive note, the Sunshine Coast Council has issued it’s regional economic development strategy for 2013 to 2033. We have already spoken of a number of the key strategies identified such as the airport redevelopment, the Maroochydore CBD, the health hub opportunities arising out of the new Sunshine Coast University hospital and expansion of the Sunshine Coast university. The strategy now identifies pathways, projected outcomes and timing. Whilst these possibilities have been a work in progress over the last 5 to 10 years, each year that passes brings each of these major developments closer. We are only a couple of years from the completion of the new hospital and work on the Maroochydore CBD can start within the next 2 years for example. To get a copy of the full strategy and vision go to www.business.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au
It’s official the summer surf season is back with local surf clubs commencing patrols from the start of the September school holidays. The weather could not be better and it is affecting everything and everyone in a positive way. The change in attitude around here is so thick you can touch it. Our next in room auction is on October 10 so come along if you want a good guide to how the local market is performing. It definitely feels like this could be another good one. Catch up again next month!

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