Quick Snips September 2013

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Wow, what a difference a month makes. Yes it feels like the good times are back. Almost to the moment that I finished typing last months newsletter the skies parted, the sun appeared and we started a run of nearly four straight weeks of perfection. This is more like it. This is what the Sunshine Coast in winter is all about. The difference that four weeks of sunshine makes around here is astounding. The cafes and restaurants start pumping, people start smiling and feeling better about everything to the point where they start opening their wallets again and all of the problems that you thought you had fade quickly away. And why wouldn’t they? It’s hard to be miserable when it’s 28 degrees in the sunshine and you can swim at the beach in a pair of togs in the middle of winter. No wonder so many Kiwi’s make their way here each winter (also because it’s more fun for them to gloat about their rugby team when face to face with an Aussie). We also had another unusual Kiwi visitor make an appearance again this month. After last years first encounter in a lifetime with a New Zealand fur seal in the surf at Marcoola, it seems like they have found their way here again. It’s all good whilst this is a relatively unique experience and they make for a cute photo but the downside for someone that likes to spend a lot of time in the water is that they now tell me they bite and that sharks like eating them. I think I like them better in New Zealand.
Speaking a lot about New Zealand as I seem to be, Deb and I took the opportunity of some cheap direct flights out of Maroochydore to Auckland for a short visit during the month to try and balance the traffic flow and to do our best to stimulate their economy. Despite the best efforts of the Bronco’s and the Australian cricket and rugby teams to ruin our break we managed a very relaxing and interesting couple of days inspecting vineyards, some really nice restaurants and driving around north of Auckland looking at prospects for maybe a summer surf trip. And at the end we were returned to Maroochydore and a 5 minute taxi trip home. That’s pretty cool and all for not much more than the cost of a return bus trip to Brisbane. I know I am supposed to concentrate on all that is good here but having these direct flights is a great bonus for us Sunshine Coasters too. Well worth it for not much effort at all.
As spring approaches we have quite a few events starting to fill the calendar. September 7-8 sees the Australian Motor Cross championships return to Coolum.
This is followed by the September school holidays starting the 21st of September. If you’re thinking of a break then you had better book early because if this weather continues it will be standing room only.
On the Friday 27th September the inaugural Marcoola Street Fair will run from 4 to 7pm. Following on from the very successful party to celebrate the new streetscaping that was held in April will be what we hope will be a bi annual event with street entertainment, promotions by local businesses and suppliers and performances by local school and youth artists in the Lexie Street park.
Whilst it may still be a little time to go still, this years Golden Days summer music festival is on November 9&10. Two days of a huge line up of entertainment firstly at the Coolum Sports field on the Saturday and winding up at Tickle Park on Sunday.
There are encouraging signs starting to appear in our local real estate market. The number of buyers starting to look around is definitely increasing yet we are still seeing very little stock come on to the market. Whilst we have not particularly seen any improvement in selling prices yet, we are starting to see some competition amongst buyers which has been a major issue in recent years. One property at our last In Rooms auction in August had seven registered bidders. It has been a long time since any of us has seen four people try to bid at once but it did lead to a very entertaining and successful result on that property and a very successful evening overall with over 120 people attending. It has a feeling like we might be close to seeing confidence return to the market with an election finally imminent, record low interest rates, very strong rental demand all combining with low stock levels and great weather hopefully making the planets align in our favour. Our next auction event is October 10 and if you are thinking of selling or buying please talk to any of our sales team asap.

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