Quick Snips October 2015

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It seems like we have had a pretty strong kick off into Spring with the school holidays in full swing and lots of people around. Accommodation managers have the house full signs up everywhere and whilst I wouldn’t call it balmy spring weather the visitors (particularly from the south of the country) are lapping it up. Our piece of paradise has plenty going on over the next few months to make sure the holiday buzz keeps us going through to Christmas. Starting with the Wanderlust Festival at Twin Waters resort from October 15-18 which is billed as the biggest lifestyle event in the world. Check out wanderlust.com for more info but it is expected more than 3000 people will hit this event over the 4 days. Following that, the Originals Music festival is on again at Coolum sports fields  on November 7th and then we finish November with the first two rounds of the Nutri Grain Ironman series at Coolum on the weekend November 28/29.

We had the official opening of the new renovations at the Coolum Civic Centre this week. This was the first improvements to the centre since it was built back in 1982. This is also the first stage of a five year program to upgrade Jack Morgan Park which sits (relatively unused) at the back of the Coolum Esplanade shops. The new and improved Civic Centre has had major reworking of its entry foyer and general facilities as well as a reworking of traffic flow as you approach the centre.  The Centre has been heavily used by many local groups over the years and the upgrades of not just the Civic Centre but also the rest of Jack Morgan Park will add to the total Coolum community  precinct for all to benefit from for many more years to come. This fits well with the modernisation of the Coolum Esplanade over the last decade and is also a pretty cool reminder that we can have pride in the fact that Coolum is not just a place to go for holidays but is also the place where a lot of us have chosen to live and will continue to attract like minded others in the future.

I am also really proud that our Marcoola Community Bank was able to partner such an important project in such a significant way. The local Community started the Marcoola Bendigo bank branch  eleven years ago and apart from the almost $500,000 in sponsorships and support that we have been able to return  to many local community groups over this time covering areas from Bli Bli to Peregian, this was our first really significant contribution to a major local project that we have been in a position to take on.  The $50,000 that the Community Bank has provided gave our Councillor the local contribution that was required to substantiate the community support for the project that he needed to then raise the remaining funding through council. Just to remind everyone that this money that the bank is putting back into the local communities of the North Shore comes from people doing their day to day banking with the branch. If you have any reason to be doing anything with your banking please consider talking to the local Marcoola Branch of the Bendigo Bank because it is here for the long term and there will be a never ending demand for local project and community financial support.

Now, speaking of like minded others, Richard Branson was here during the past month. Pretty cool being able to name drop that one isn’t it? Sir Richard was flown in his private helicopter to the Coolum sports fields so that he could go kite surfing at Stumers Creek (as you do). Reports are that the few locals that were around were able to have a friendly greeting and when the time came to depart and the helicopter had to wait for clearance approval Sir Richard was offered a lift back to Noosa in the club presidents ute which was accepted . Expect a new grandstand at Coolum some time soon as thanks for the lift.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news this month. It’s hard to believe but somehow, coming to us from another level of government that it clearly bereft of any new ideas we are about to raise the discussions again on why a desalination plant would look good off Marcoola Beach . This stupidity was about to be shelved once and for all by the previous administration but the last election got in first. Clearly intent on not having anything to do with anything that occurred in the previous government’s term of office we are about to be put through the uncertainty and divisiveness of this process again despite the fact that we all are still paying for the most useless piece of infrastructure ever built and now mothballed and rusting away on the Gold Coast. You may not have heard anything about this (our local member only found out about it when it was mentioned to her and she found it hidden in a mountain of papers) but community forums are about to be held in Noosa and Kawana. That’s great except the place that this idiocy will be located is here at Marcoola.  It only makes you madder when you realise that the water is not even needed here but it’s for Brisbane. Please make sure that you let them know this is nuts. 




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