Right Of Entry & Quiet Enjoyment

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When a tenant enters into a tenancy agreement they are taking up the “rights” of tenancy in accordance with legislation to reside in the property. The tenant has exclusive use of the property and must conduct themselves as a tenant, based on the terms and conditions of the agreement, which include obligations such as: they must pay rent on time and they will care for the property, etc. The Tenancy Agreement also clearly outlines rights and obligations of the landlord. /

The majority of the time most landlords are aware of their rights and obligations, and the tenancy continues with a balanced understanding of both party’s rights. However, recently we have had feedback from a select number of tenants, who have stated that the landlord has called them direct to visit the property or have simply turned up and knocked on the door.

To be able to lawfully enter the property you must give the appropriate notice to the tenant in the required format. Failure to do so could result in a breach of the Agreement and Act. We also suggest that you contact our office so that we can ensure that you are protected against possible claims relating to a breach of quite enjoyment or harassment. These situations are very extreme and rare. However, as your managing agent it is our duty of care to protect you.

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