The Danger Of Mould

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Although a small amount of mould and mildew won’t hurt most of us, it does
begin to become a big problem in properties when the mould spores get out
of hand.
When mould starts to multiply or when individuals who are highly
sensitive to toxic mould breathe it in, it can present a serious health hazard.
Doctors warn against breathing in mould over long periods of time as it can
have extremely harmful effects that can lead to respiratory problems,
common allergic reaction symptoms, nervous-system disorders & depression.
Mould lives off of any organic matter, and loves a warm, humid environment, which can be found around any
Today, mould growth in homes and places of work is more of a health issue than most people realise. So it is
important that we recognise the symptom’s of mould and take steps to protect ourselves, our families and our
tenants. In recent times there has been an increase in cases of tenants making liability claims about
untreated properties that have mould.
When our property management team conducts routine inspections on properties on your behalf we are
mindful to visually look out for clear evidence of mould in bathrooms or wet areas. However, we are unable
to provide feedback on rising damp or mould in ceilings, wall cracks or other possible damp areas.
If a tenant does raise the concern of mould or complains of symptoms that could relate to mould it is
important that we take these concerns seriously.

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