Tips To Save $$$ On Pool Equipment

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A great number of solutions to save more energy in and around swimming pools or spas are available in terms of pumps, plant and equipment, pool heating systems and lights:
Energy efficient pumps – In most commercial pools, pumps need to run for 24 hours a day to maintain optimum water turnover. Available now are a range of eight-star energy efficient single-phase variable speed pumps. When properly sized to the pool environment these energy efficient pumps save on the amount of energy used and maintain the necessary water flow needed to meet State Health requirements.
Robotic Cleaners – Robotic cleaners reduce energy use as they are self-powered rather than relying on the suction power of a filtration pump at medium speed. It means the pool skimmer is free to skim the surface of the pool while the bottom of the pool is being cleaned. Using a robotic cleaner can reduce the load on a conventional filter, reduce backwash frequency and saving on additional chemicals and water top up.
Filters – Changing the media in the filter from sand to glass increases the amount of debris captured by the filter providing better water clarity, reduce back washing and the bonus of making the pool more visually appealing.
Heating – Extend your owners enjoyment of your facilities pool or spa through pool heating solutions. There are many options including energy efficient alternatives including solar, heat pumps or by diverting your current heat exchange system.
Pool blankets – Automatic solar powered and hidden underground pool covers are becoming more common for commercial pools. Using an automated pool blanket system reduces work, health or safety issues by eliminating the manual handling needed to put on and off the pool blanket daily.
Additionally a pool blanket can increase water temperature by up to 8oc by trapping heat from sunlight, keeping the pool insulated and warm and saving power costs and water evaporation.

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