We Don’T Want Single Mothers, Children Or Sharers!

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When speaking with landlords we are sometimes asked not to rent the property to single mothers, children or sharers; and instead choose professional working couples or the elderly.
As your property manager we respect that you are the owner of the property and your priority is to have the property well cared for with rent paid on time. However, it is important to be aware that under State and Federal laws a real estate agent is prohibited from taking discriminatory direction from a landlord.
An agent and a landlord are both legally liable if a complaint is made, which can result in a claim being brought before the courts with compensation awarded to a prospective tenant. By law you cannot discriminate against: colour or race, the unemployed, children, sexuality or religion, and the list goes on…
As your managing agent, you can be assured that we do have your best interests at the forefront of our actions. However, we must be careful as to the reasons why we decline tenant applications.
From our experience we have learnt that it is not the status of a person that determines if they are a quality tenant, but the references we receive. We have had many single mothers and families with children that have been exceptional tenants. We have also had elderly tenants and working professionals who have left properties in a poor state with rent owing.
We are very hard to please during the tenant-selection process and will only choose tenants who we feel will care for the property and be able to afford the rent.
Our office will update you on the progress of the letting on a Thursday or Friday of every week and please be assured that once we have an application for tenancy we will contact you for your final approval.
If you have any concerns about the tenant-selection process, please feel welcome to contact our office.

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